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Batman Battle For The Cowl HC

Batman: Battle for the Cowl - Tony S. Daniel, Fabian Nicieza Whhhaat? No Bruce Wayne Batman? It's true. This is a short work - three volumes collected in one, and each focuses on a different Robin and a different perspective on the absence of their mentor. From the beginning it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Grayson is going to pick up the mantle, nevertheless, the book delivers in its portrayal of the conflicted elder son who wants to strike a path of his own, but finds himself more and more the product of his upbringing. The most touching moments are those between Grayson and Alfred, who relates the unspoken pride and faith Bruce had in his first adopted ward, and the support Drake gives to him, while struggling himself with being replaced by Bruce's newly revealed son Damian, who wants the mantle of the Bat himself (but he's 10! And really, there's an order to these things kid, so get in line).

Grayson eventually has to make a decision as pretenders spring up by the dozen, including one familiar, spurned "son" who begins dragging the legacy of Batman through the mud.

Short, but sweet. It's good to see Grayson grow up. And from what I hear, even with Bruce back, Grayson is going to remain the Batman of Gotham for the foreseeable future. It appears Bruce has passed on the torch and moved on to bigger things - like recruiting more Batmen to take care of cities outside of his usual habitat.