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Batman And Robin Deluxe HC Vol 03 Batman Must Die (Batman & Robin)

Batman and Robin, Vol. 3: Batman and Robin Must Die! - Grant Morrison, Frazer Irving, Cameron Stewart, David Finch, Irving Frazier Awesome conclusion to Morrison's run on Batman and the world that he left behind after "dying" in the Final Crisis Series. In his absence, Dick Grayson continues to try and fill the Batman's shoes rather admirably with Damien Wayne at his side against some new and rather daunting villains. This volume sees the return of Pyg and an evolving relationship with the Joker, who is aware that the man behind the mask is different. Morrison writes well enough and the series presents a number of new and innovative themes that breathe new life into the characters involved, including Bruce, who's return toward the end of this volume was meant to coincide with larger events in the DC universe. Wayne returns and begins a new venture, a worldwide effort against crime and it's nice to see Grayson fill the position he was being trained for all those years ago. Morrison seems to suggest that we may see a Bruce not unlike the one that graces the pages of Kingdom Come, mobilizing an army of Batmen around the world to face some crisis he has seen in a vision, or in his travels through time. As hokey as it sounds, it actually works quite well and being part of a larger story, this mini-series still makes sense on its own. That doesn't sound like a big compliment, but it is. Some of Morrison's other Batman work is nearly incomprehensible because it feels like bits and pieces cut out of a larger story with no dots in between to connect events. You usually end up lost. This story is good enough to stand on its own and is worth the time and money. Not quite as good as All-Star Superman with its soaring and heroic approach to the entire life of the Man of Steel, but a really good coming of age story and the fulfillment of destiny.