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Ender's Shadow (Ender, Book 5)

Ender's Shadow (Shadow, #1) - Orson Scott Card Definitely a step up from Ender's Game. Bean is just a more interesting, less whiney character than Ender is, and his back story is a lot better. Card shows his maturity and the lessons he learned from Game this time around. There is still a lot in this book that I would call "campy," but it's a lot darker and more sophisticated. I think Card could have been a J.K. Rowling if he had a little more sophistication as a writer, the Ender series certainly has that same Potter appeal to it. Even though the idea of a Wizard School is just as hokey as a Battle School, the delivery is just so much better. In spite of my criticisms, I do like the series, and it shows promise of improvement, especially with Achilles on the loose. I'll keep reading...