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I like big books.

Shadow of the Hegemon (Ender, Book 6)

Shadow of the Hegemon - Orson Scott Card Still entertaining. Card has an ability to invent characters that you actually care about. Well... at least one, Bean. Bean is quickly becoming one of my favorite protagonists. Not a brooding hero, by no means stupid. He deals with his problems like a real person would - as they come along. The story is okay. Imaginative geopolitics is kind of the easy way to go in writing this type of fiction. "What if China...." and so on.

I'm still having problems with the flow of Card's stories. He uses the genius of his characters as a plot device far too often in my opinion. ALL of the characters are geniuses, and they constantly see through even the most elaborate plans in a matter of a paragraph. Example: India has troops along the border with Burma therefore they're not really attacking Burma they're going to attack ...." and just like that forty pages of strategic thinking is blown by an opposing character in a simple moment of reflection. It seems like the world of secrets Card is trying to create is constantly exposed with minimal effort by even secondary characters. I find myself saying, "Oh come on, give me a break..." far too often.

That said, I'll continue reading the series because it's fun!