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I like big books.


Watchers - Dean Koontz A really timeless tale of friendship and sacrifice. A couple of problems though. First, the novel can be cut down drastically. I felt that a lot of the characterization was repetitive. Almost every character had to "discover" on their own about Travis's past, and every time their thoughts or dialogue recast him as the loner with a persecution complex....10 times throughout the novel - it's too much. The same thing goes for characterizations of Vince. I think Koontz could have benefitted from King's formula for editing down his work making it a tighter more gripping thriller. The other problem I had with the book was that there really wasn't a whole lot of gripping suspense. I felt like the most page-turning moment in the book was when Streck was stalking Nora. It was creepy and scary. After that.... nothing that I would really call "gripping."

That said, the appeal of finding an intellectual equal in man's best friend is just too much darned fun to just skip. Koontz hits the nail right on the head when he comments how communicating with your dog is like every kid's fantasy. There were some really poignant moments when I couldn't help but recall the past with my childhood friend Cookie (who, by the way, is the smartest and most loyal dog that has ever existed). For that alone, I think I'd shelve this and reread sometime in the future.

Good recommendation Amanda. Thanks!