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Betrayal (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force)

Betrayal - Aaron Allston Alliston does a good job delivering witty banter and gets all of the characterizations right. You really get the sense that the traditional star wars holdovers really know each other like the back of their own hands and their interactions are a joy to read.

I had a couple of problems, however. This transformation that is happening to Jacen just seems so abrupt. I realize that the writers of the EU have been planning this departure for some time, laying seeds of it along the way, but when he finally takes the step, I'm unconvinced. Throughout the entire NJO arc, Jacen dithered, contemplated, mulled, agonized over every decision he made along with it's practical ramifications. I just don't feel that his time with Vergere was enough to cause this kind of dramatic shift. The flap says that this novel takes the star wars universe into new territory. Again, I disagree. Jacen = Anakin. Same path, same story so far.

I like the idea of the Corellians declaring independence, and there are some great political questions here, as there usually are in the star wars universe. But I think in the long run, the path that Jacen is taking, which is to move the entire arc from this point forward is just not convincing.

So characterization for the oldies = A+, plot = D. Grade = C