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Revelation (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 8)

Revelation - Karen Traviss Meh.

Some interesting twists here, but Traviss's poor dialogue writing and her portrayal of Boba Fett as a daddy's boy is too distracting. Example: "By the way Lieutenant, I have a new title, Caedus, Darth Caedus. I would like you to start calling me that now." WTF? Really? That's how someone reveals themselves to be a Sith Lord. Not to mention the philosophical conundrum of Jacen himself. Jacen adopted Sith tactics and teachings because he thinks they can help him bring peace to the galaxy. He doesn't view the act as evil, or his power as evil in and of itself. He thinks that Sith have had moral failings which lead to a universal label of evil, which he intends to avoid. By this book, Traviss has him behaving in a way that acknowledges that he is evil and has turned him into a typically flat caricature of a typical Star Wars bad guy. I understand that the story is supposed to show his transformation and how one wrong decisions or misperception can lead to a deep slide down a path that you don't intend. But I just don't feel it...