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Invincible (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 9)

Invincible - Troy Denning The title of this book should be Redemption, because that's what it does for the Legacy of the Force series. Denning is the best of the new Star Wars writers and while he's no Tim Zahn, he certainly does a much better job capturing not only illustrating the characters of the Star Wars universe in proper form, but capture the elements of adventure and action that made the franchise so popular to begin with. His dialogue is witty and sharp, and he doesn't feel compelled to give explanations for everything that happens in the course of the story, an added plus since descriptions of the Force SHOULD be mysterious. My only gripe is the existing one about Jacen's transformation (and the contrived nature of Force predictions of the future, especially the Sword of the Jedi prophecy bit), but I found the resolution sufficiently and appropriately heartbreaking to make this a very good tragedy.