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The Eyes Of The Dragon

The Eyes of the Dragon - David Palladini, Stephen King Pretty standard fantasy tale. Not of the epic variety either. This one felt more political than magical, but fun and well-crafted nonetheless. I had a bit of trouble getting into this one. I knew it was King, deep down, and he reveals himself in some of the narration with some of his usual narrative ticks, but the tone felt rather assumed and forced. Took a while to get the hang of the epic mode he was assuming and a lot of the time it just felt false.

This story was written for King's daughter and is geared more toward children so it's fundamentally different by nature from other King books. I also tend to believe that this story might have been crafted in installments, like a bed-time story told over the course of many nights. The chapters are short and King tends to get ahead of himself quite a bit before back-tracking to fill in details. Many of the chapters jump ahead to issues already resolved, while subsequent ones begin by saying, "Now let me tell you how things ended up like that to begin with..." which got rather annoying, rather quickly. He also had this rather conspicuous habit of asking mundane, rhetorical questions and ending with the same narrative tick of, "That matter is for you to decide." And it happens often enough that, again, you start to notice it and the narrator jumps to the foreground to become rather intrusive in the story.

That said, if you take the view that the story was meant to emulate a bard's tale or an epic poem recited over the course of many wintry nights before a fire, it ain't half bad. There aren't any real compelling characters, but most of them are likable enough. More than anything I think I kept reading to get a new angle on Flagg, to learn more of his backstory, or whatever it is this particular version of Flagg, if it is THE Flagg, had done in the past. I don't know. Just thinking about Tower stuff and how it's supposed to relate makes my head hurt (in a good way).