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Superman for All Seasons

Superman for All Seasons - Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Bjarne Hansen Not an action/adventure epic, which is different for a superman title, but beautifully told nonetheless. The story concerns the struggles of clark kent to suppress his desires for an ordinary life and learning to deal with his limitations (yes superman his limitations too). The result is a heart-warming tale that fleshes out the relationship he has with his parents and with Lana Lang and focuses on the sacrifices superman makes every day that we may not even think about. Typically, people spend most of the time reading superman comics wishing they could do the things he did, but after reading Superman for All Seasons, they may think twice.

The best part of it all is the portrayal of superman as a lonely and solitary figure-downtrodden from his inability to save everyone and everything. It's a great characterization that treads a fine line between heroism and being too emo, very well.