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Commencement (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Vol. 1)

Commencement - John Jackson Miller, Travis Charest, Michael Atiyeh, Brian Ching, Travel Foreman What a compelling story! Knights of the Old Republic is probably one of the more original works in the EU. The story follows Zayne Carrick, a bumbling, clumsy Jedi trainee on Taris and the larger conflict he gets wrapped up in, eventually leading up to the plot of the second Sith War outlined in the KotOR video games and The Old Republic MMO game. There are a lot of twists and turns in this series and I really can't even cover it's premise without giving away huge spoilers. A couple of things though: 1) the dialogue here is top notch, especially coming from reading Tales of the Jedi. It has subtlety and doesn't treat the reader like a struggling 5th grade reader. 2) This story is again centered around prophecy as a plot device, but does so in a much more complex and layered fashion than Tales did. That's not to say that an intelligent reader can't predict exactly where it's going, but, it certainly feels a lot more enjoyable than in previous EU entries.