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Saga, Vol. 1

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples I feel like, for a trade paperback compilation, this was just too brief an introduction to the batshit crazy world that Vaughan has created. It has a lot of promise. There's a unique blend of gritty, edgy science fiction and magical fantasy here that has tremendous potential from an atmospheric point of view. The set-up of two species at perpetual war with star-crossed lovers caught in the crossfire, wanted by both sides and tracked down by bounty hunters is very Romeo and Juliet of course, but there are a lot of elements here that set it apart to make it interesting. I think this has potential to become a five-star series, but it's just too early to tell. Vaughan is a magnificent writer though and he hasn't disappointed in the past. I'll be watching this one closely.