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The Umbrella Academy: Dallas

The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas - Gabriel Bá, Gerard Way, Neil Gaiman If there were six stars, I'd give it to this book. Way continues to deliver with the second volume of Umbrella Academy. The plot becomes way more complex and for a sophomore outing, this is one heck of an achievement. Way packs into six issues what Grant Morrison has trouble doing in fifty with far more finesse and subtlety. Here is time travel made logical. Alternate realities and universes synergistic and free from the bungling melodrama that plagues both the DC and Marvel Universe and again, set in a world that is absurdly comic in its composition while remaining true to reality at its most meaningful level.

The good news? We learn a bit more about number 00.05's whereabouts on his sojourn through time. Turns out the little bastard wasn't completely forthright with the family and we get some resolution to the page of panels in the cafe from volume one. Even better news? There are still TONS of unresolved problems, new and old, that are going to be a lot of fun getting to the bottom of.

Umbrella Academy volume three was slated to be released this year. It being November, I'm dubious. According to Wikipedia, Way announced that he was in the process of writing issue #1 of the third volume in October...so maybe we'll have some new Academy next year. If so, next year's going to be huuuuuuuge. New Superman flick, Stephen King's follow-up to The Shining and Scott Lynch's next installment of Locke Lamora. Going to be a great year for fiction!