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Superman: Action Comics, Vol. 2: Bulletproof (The New 52)

Action Comics, Vol. 2: Bulletproof - Max Landis, Cafe, Sholly Fisch, Gene Ha, Cully Hamner, Brad Walker, Ben Oliver, Rags Morales, Grant Morrison, Ryan Sook This volume is definitely a placeholder. Key plot elements for future volumes are set up, but that's about it. While it contributes greatly to some of the more awesome elements of [b:Action Comics, Vol. 3: At The End of Days|17671911|Action Comics, Vol. 3 At The End of Days|Grant Morrison|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1364852327s/17671911.jpg|24670898], it doesn't work as a standalone volume. If this were the latest collection out and I didn't have the new issues to move on to, I'd be pretty sorely disappointed.