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Berserk, Vol. 11

Berserk, Vol. 11 - Kentaro Miura, Duane Johnson Afraid it's back to the usual with this volume - gore, bloodshed and mindless action. I think the only redeeming part of this volume is Miura's ability to express a whole range of thoughts, emotion and conviction through Griffith's eyes alone. Hidden behind his hawk mask, he's observing the changes in the Hawks, particularly the change in the relationship between Guts and Caska and I'm not exactly sure he's pleased with what he sees. He's most certainly jealous and angry, but of what? Is he jealous at the closeness of the two? Does he suddenly realize he wants Caska and what she meant to him all along now that he can't have her? Or is it Guts he still wants after all this time? Is it simply that all around him are capable people who can fight, have their health and their unmarred flesh while he's left crippled and disfigured, a shadow of his former self? Or is he just angry that his ambition is now completely dashed and his plans set back further than they'd been even when he started out on his quest for advancement in life? This huge range, from nothing but eyes locked in shadow. It's quite brilliant. One can't help but get creepy and ominous feelings when you see those eyes watching Guts and Caska from the rear of the action. They pull you back to what's important in the story when you're about to get lost in all the gory nonsense that's the rest of it.