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Thinner - Richard Bachman, Stephen King A fun read. The Bachman stuff is super bleak, and this novel is no exception. King's usual narrative style is present though and the story unfolds with a taught clip that seems to be missing from his newer more pondering and meditative works, but there's nothing really deep here. In Thinner we have a classic American horror story full of xenophobic themes and interesting issues of guilt and shame. The mystery and magic are well-preserved and the slow downtick of Billy's weightloss creates an anxiety in the reader that keeps you turning the pages. The constant reminders of it add fuel to the frantic search for a solution in the second half and you can't help but kind of sympathize with Billy and want him to hurry. King, as usual, is good at building characters who are interested and hold our fascination, without any of our respect or love. I think just about the only reason you feel sympathy for Billy is because of the horrific nature of his punishment and the identification you might feel with him because of his daughter. Absent those things, I don't think there'd be anything to prevent you from taking a sick pleasure in Billy getting his just desserts.