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Cycle of the Werewolf (Signet)

Cycle of the Werewolf (Signet) - Stephen King Not a bad short story. I was thinking about halfway through that it would be a great thing to read to your kids as the Halloween season approaches, but there are some dicey moments and the ever present language issues one inevitably finds in King works. It's easy to see why this one is out of print. It's not stellar and very traditional. As far as werewolf stories go, it fades into the general cultural milieu of tall tales that have a million and one incarnations from generation to generation. That's not to say it's not at all exciting. The month-to-month format of the book is a solid one as the town of Tarker's Mills deals with a cycle of murders. Tension within the town escalates as the year wanes and the mystery of who the perpetrator is deepens. Not for very long, of course. Honestly, you don't know many of the residents well enough to make guesses or be surprised by who the culprit is, but, again, this is a different type of book for King. Usually relying on character-driven stories, he takes a creative leap with this and allows the seasons and plot to drive instead.

Like most classic horror stories, this one just has a wonderful Fall feel to it. Perhaps with some gray skies and leaves on the ground the stories atmosphere would resonate better. Read it to your kids with some judicious editing! It's not often you can say that you can do that with something by King.