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I like big books.


MARATHON MAN - WILLIAM GOLDMAN Freaking awesome. That's all there is to it. Goldman creates a classic tale of suspense and intrigue filled with Dentist Nazis and crooked spies that keeps you hooked until the end. But more than the intriguing plot, it's the characterization of Babe that makes this novel worth 5 stars. Babe is a completely believable genius narcissist (the best kind right?) who receives his real world education throughout the novel as he learns that the life he has built up since the death of his father was built entirely upon lies.

There are so many wonderfully memorable lines, funny and awesomely vengeful i just had to add them. The line about erasers I think I'll keep for the rest of my days, and Babe's lecture to Szell near the end of the novel is just so fitting. It's the ultimate, "HA! Take that bastard!" lines that you wish you could say to those genuinely evil people you meet in your life (we've all known at least one).

Looking forward to the movie.