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I like big books.


UR - Stephen King Pretty good light reading. If I recall correctly, King released this story exclusively for the Kindle Marketplace for Amazon and the first part definitely reads like an advertisement for the product itself. There are profuse descriptions of the Kindle and how cool it is as a device (and what low prices for downloaded books!). Anyway, the story itself is fairly straightforward, and honestly not very impressive. Why three stars? What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything that King does - especially when there are overt connections to the Dark Tower.

Wesley Smith, English teacher at a mediocre east coast university, goes through a bit of a relationship crisis and gets himself a Kindle. This one is pink, but that's not where the oddities end. This Kindle has a special function, the Ur function, that allows him to download books from parallel realities - ones in which Hemingway lived an extra two years and wrote two more novels, or where he wrote detective fiction. There're endless possibilities. Obsessed with reading and literature as it is, Wesley fights with the temptation to pour through the works of millions of worlds - including their newspapers, which is where Wesley begins to run into trouble.

Anyway. Good, fun story for Tower fans.