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Apocalypse (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, #9)

Apocalypse (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, #9) - Troy Denning Finally this dreary, sorry excuse for a storyline comes to an end, and thank god it was in the hands of Troy Denning who's amazing ability to cover dangling plot holes with duels and good old fashion space operatic battles is second to none in the EU. This is capably written stylistically and there's certainly a lot of page-turning excitement, but as many other reviewers have noted, if you're looking for resolution and explanation don't hold your breath. The explanations offered up for Abeloth's existence could have been better written by a room full of monkeys with typewriters who were forced to listen to Bill Moyers interview of Joseph Campbell on a never-ending loop. While I liked a lot of the new elements added to the EU (the Celestials, the full explanation of who and what the Killiks are, and this notion of the Ones), I thought that it was rather clumsily thrown together and some of the newer notions of balance and the personifications of the Force really throw a huge monkey wrench into the delicate Force philosophies developed over the preceding novels, not just in this series but in the EU as a whole. In effect, with this novel, the SW Universe descends into the realm of Greek Mythology - not that Greek Mythology is a bad thing per se, but I liked the whole eastern mysticism thing they had going on a whole lot more.

Two stars for trying, and partially succeeding I think, in finally making some compelling connections to the ongoing Legacy series by giving some hints at backstory and explanation to the bigger mysteries of that series.