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Superman Up Up And Away TP (Superman (DC Comics))

Superman: Up, Up, and Away! - Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Renato Guedes Kurt Busiek is the only person who should be allowed to write Superman stories. The premise is fantastic. A year after Identity Crisis, Clark Kent is without his powers, the source of his current condition a mystery. How does the Universe's strongest hero deal with being an ordinary person? What makes a hero? Is it the power or the person? This story gets to the very essence of who Clark Kent is and why he does what he does.

I thought that the story was well told and really spent a lot of time not just developing Clark's character, but all the supporting ones as well. How does Lois deal with having a normal husband who still insists on solving Metropolis's problems? How does Jimmy deal with his best friend missing? How does the city deal with super-villains like Intergang or Lex Luthor without it's guardian angel?

I'm sure the story would be even better if I knew the underlying context of the DC Universe at the moment, but as a stand-alone story it works brilliantly. The writing really shines in this one and absent are all the silly little lines of dialogue that usually undermine great Superman stories.