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Superman The Third Kryptonian TP (Superman (DC Comics))

Superman: The Third Kryptonian - Kurt Busiek, Dwayne McDuffie, Fabian Nicieza, Rick Leonardi, Renato Guedes Fail. Luckily there are three semi-related stories in this collection. The Third Kryptonian story sucked big time, nothing significant here emotionally. You'd think the discovery of another live Kryptonian would be something of momentous importance to the Man of Steel, but apparently it's just another day at the bank. Not to mention that the cast of characters defeats the whole emotional impact of there being three survivors of Krypton, because apparently Powergirl doesn't count (she's from Krypton in a different dimension) and neither do Krypto (because he's a dog) and Christopher Kent (because he's a kid and he was trapped in the Phantom Zone). This story was just an intergalactic, what if there were superbeings who did whatever they wanted and created a huge empire and everyone hated them and were glad they were dead, drawn out nonsensical story with too many loose-ends and I don't cares.

The redeeming element of this collection is the last supplemental story centering around the Kents. Apparently Clark is missing (in the phantom zone by the looks of the last panel) and an army of Kryptonians has invaded Earth. It looks like the human race is facing extinction and even the usually optimistic Martha Kent has abandoned hope. The story focuses on a flashback as Jonathan relates a father-son experience that they kept secret from Martha because of the danger involved. It's an intimate story that, while short, is far more epic and emotional than the three-part Third Kryptonian story. This short story alone nets the three stars.