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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury's writing is poetry. He has THE most perfect word for every occasion that hits the nail right on the head. The carnival and the town were just really, really creepy the way he described them. And he creates such engaging characters, at least to me. I loved Mr. Halloway and the wisdom he had. He reminds me of me sometimes, cooped up in a library, learning useless things often at the expense of his relationships simply because that's where he feels most comfortable. It's a reminder to me that life is about DOING something with what you've learned rather than just the pursuit of more and more.

The discussion of good vs. evil at the novel's midway point was especially enlightening and fits in surprisingly well given the nature of the book and the fact that the conversation was entirely philosophical. I think this is what Saramago lacked in Blindness. Bradbury can blend moralisms, philosophy, etc. into the action of his story seamlessly, while Saramago can only do one or the other.

There's so much to relate to here: Will's desire to preserve his life and friendship forever, Jim's desire to FAST FORWARD life to get to something more adult, more exciting, Mr. Halloway's crisis of age and regret. It's all so human and so every day that it's brilliant.