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I like big books.

A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan - Scott B. Smith One word: INTENSE! The story of three men who find a whole bunch of money and try to keep it a secret ends up just like you think it would. No one can keep their mouth shut! Every few pages you find yourself conspiring with the narrator, Hank Mitchell, rereading the previous pages, trying to find things he may have forgotten while covering his tracks in an ever-widening conspiracy and cycle of violence until you finally realize this man has gone completely insane. Or has he? One of the great things about this book is that you find yourself honestly questioning how far you'd go to keep the money.

For some reason I kept picturing John Goodman as Hank's brother Jacob, but he's too old.

Anyway... the book is really simple, and the plan the conspirators have is really simple. It's the complexities of the human mind, it's tendency toward paranoia and thoughts of persecution and even its excesses that make the whole thing fall apart deliciously.

Loved it.