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Claws of the Dragon (Star Wars: Legacy, Vol. 3)

Star Wars: Legacy, Vol. 3: Claws of the Dragon - John Ostrander, Jan Duursema Ostrander wins again. These collections are beginning to follow a narrative pattern, and not necessarily a bad one. In a way, it's not unlike the structure of TV shows like Lost, although with far less character development and gripping narrative. The story as a whole begins in media res, and more and more of the origins of the current conditions are revealed through flashbacks centered upon the experiences of the individual players involved. Volume three begins with Cade captured by the SIth as they try to bend this powerful Skywalker to their cause for political as well as personal reasons. The High Lord of these new Sith, Darth Krayt has a condition that is slowly consuming him. This volume gives us background on that condition and where the heck and army of Sith under such a powerful lord came from in the first place. Krayt's background is kind of a rehash. I have to say, the whole "But wait! There was another Jedi that survived the purge!" gimmick is getting a little old. You kind of take the seriousness of a Jedi genocide away when it seems like these long-lived Jedi are able to pop out of the woodwork every few years and say, "I survived and went into hiding too - Yoda and Obi-wan weren't the only ones!" That complaint aside, what this volume does well is tie the events of the EU together and place this arc firmly within the timeline. For those that are big fans of the EU you'll get all the references from the Vong to Caedus and it is very rewarding. Also, I like Krayt. A Jedi from the Sand People? Great idea!